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The motivation you need to accomplish your work goals.

Plej is a commitment contract app that motivates you to get computer work done. 

Step 1: Enter your plej

A plej is a commitment to complete a goal by a certain time.

You will enter your goal, amount of money you will lose if you fail, the referee that will determine if you have succeeded, and how often you want to log your progress.

Step 2: Track your progress

Plej comes with a mac app that allows your referee to see screenshots of your progress.

Plej is not like other commitment apps. It is built for those hard to measure intellectual goals, like writing a book, or building an app. This is why Plej uses a screenshot tracker that allows your referee to see your progress (don’t worry, you can delete embarrassing screenshots before they’re published)

Step 3: Achieve your goals

… and get your money back!

If you have accomplished your plej, your referee will mark your plej as complete and you will get your money back! Hooray! 

“This app helps me finish things I start.”


I use Plej because I have an over active brain and easily get side tracked. In the end, unfinished work isn’t very valuable, so I use Plej to keep myself on track.

Bill Calyan


Plej is built on science

Plej works because people are more likely to work harder to avoid losing something they already have than to game something new.

Does Plej cost money?

Only if you fail to accomplish your goal does Plej retain your wager.

Will my referee see private screenshots?

No. All screenshots need to be published by you, and you can delete any screenshots you don’t like. Just keep in mind that your referee will see the empty spots where your screenshots used to be. 

Are my screenshots secure?

Yes! We store them all safely on AWS S3, and they all get automatically deleted after your plej is over.

Do I need to use the screen tracker?

No. The screen tracker is what makes Plej unique, but you can always use it like any other commitment contract app.

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